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Camello’s Corner

Covering the latest news about Los Angeles sports.

9:30 am

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Nish West Agenda

Join the Nish West Agenda

12:45 pm

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Afro Beats and it’s Madd Influences

Check out DJ Allesa The Goddess on KDHR!

11:00 am

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Open your eyes to the world of deeper electronic music

3:30 pm

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Chayah Entertainment

Discover new talent from CSU Dominguez Hills

1:00 pm

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Against the Ropes

Covering the sport of boxing, inside and outside the ring.

3:00 pm

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Sports Smack

Sports news from pro wrestling to college football

11:00 am

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Pop in With Oscar O

Listen to Oscar Carmona on KDHR

3:30 pm

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Franz n’ Friends

The topics you really care about

10:30 am

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A Darker Shade of Brown

Enjoy the latest tea

1:30 pm

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Chris Collins - On Microphone

The Chris Collins Show

A vocal spotlight for millennials

10:00 am

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