KDHR is the student operated campus radio station of California State University, Dominguez Hills. KDHR began in 2004, as an idea by the ASI President, as a new opportunity for Dominguez Hills students to produce and host their own radio shows. Through the funding of a special grant and ASI sponsorship, KDHR was on the air!

Listeners can tune in to live shows from anywhere in the world and can listen to a wide variety of music. To listen, click the “Listen Live” tab with the use of iTunes or VLC Media Player, or click on the “Show Archive” tab and listen to podcasts of the show. Listeners can also download the shows through iTunes by going to the Colleges/University section and searching KDHR.

Want to get involved? KDHR welcomes Dominguez Hills students, faculty, and staff to volunteer or intern. No experience necessary, all levels welcomed! Volunteers host and produce shows. If you are interested in signing up for a radio show, fill out and turn in a volunteer application to the KDHR office, located at ASI office in LSU 231. Interns work in areas like event production, media, and advertising. If you are interested in working behind the scenes as an intern, email the station staff at stjanes@csudh.edu.

Warning: Becoming involved at KDHR may help launch your career path! KDHR is dedicated to helping Dominguez Hills students gain necessary work experience that may help them after graduation. Some KDHR alumni include Danielle Lehman, or “Chip,” as she’s known on the Kevin and Bean Showon KROQ. Lehman began on KDHR and volunteered for 5 years. She now works as the board operator for KROQ. Another alumni is Audrey Ngo, who did news production and hosted her own show at KDHR. She now works in news production at KPCC.

Feeling inspired? Become a volunteer or intern and show your creativity! And keep listening to KDHR!